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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I like to call this summer my "mini-retirement." I didn't make that up, but actually read the term in a great book that I've read in the past couple of weeks. I just needed a break from the fast pased world that I was creating. My whole family has been hard workers and I guess they all taught me to work hard in life for the things that I want. I wish they would have taught me how to work smart instead of hard! After this year, I fell pretty burnt out and tired of working hard. I also feel as though I really didn't get to enjoy the college life because I was working all the time or studying.....which really sucks. These are my college years and I want to enjoy every moment of them. I was also watching the Indy 500 today and found myself following Mario Andretti (20 year old Formula 1 driver). As I watched him race I couldn't help but think to myself, "Why can't that be me?" After hanging at my apartment for a while I tried to change my thinking and asked myself, "HOW can that be me?" See, the smart people are the ones that go out and do the things that they want to do and the hard working people (like me) find all sorts of obstacles to stick in their way so that it seems like they have to work hard to get what they want. My obstacle was school. I wanted to race ever since I can remember, and would probably be on a track somewhere right now had I not decided that I needed a "back up" plan first. I think it was just my way of throwing an obstacle infront of my path...
posted by Shawn @ SMB College Life @ 5:08 PM  
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