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Christmas savings for college students and parents
Wednesday, November 28, 2007
As the semester quickly comes to an end a new one begins to approach us. More importantly, as this semester ends that means that Christmas is only a few short weeks away. We have tried to make Christmas shopping quick and easy for college students and parents this year by integrating many products, coupons, and savings directly into the site. We know that college students have to stretch their finances at the end of the semester to try and get gifts for their family, so we've tried to find and offer the best deals on the internet to college students this holiday season.

You don't have to fight the crowds at the stores this year because you can shop and save through SMB College Life. By partnering with different companies and retailer we are able to bring you great savings through our site, usually at better prices than your local store, where you could purchase the same item for more. A lot of our partners also offer you free shipping so you don't have to worry about added costs when shopping for great holiday gifts this year.

College students should have their student ID's ready when purchasing from our Apple & iTunes Store because you can receive a student discount on almost any product that you purchase! This also applies to employees of colleges and universities. We have also added our Amazon Store that should help you find a lot of the things you are looking for directly on our site, at some spectacular prices. For all the products we offer please check out our shopping section.

This section is not completely finished, but it's functional enough for you to shop and save on thousands of great products this holiday season. Be sure to check back with our shopping page frequently during the next few weeks as we are determined to add as many great deals and savings as possible to optimize your holiday savings.

Because a new semester is right around the corner you should also check out our textbook page, where we promise that you will save money on purchasing textbooks for next semester AND you can receive the most money for selling back your old textbooks. By partnering with companies like
Phat Campus ,, and many more we can essential broaden the college students' horizon in the textbook exchange without being bias. We have found some great resources that you've probably never heard of, but that offer more textbooks and cheaper prices than the campus bookstores!

Thanks for using!


posted by Shawn @ SMB College Life @ 9:08 PM  
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