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College Life Do's and Don'ts
Wednesday, June 20, 2007
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College life is a great experience that some people(like me) take for granted. The main thing that I have learned this past year is that college is only here once! I only get 4 short years to enjoy life as a college student and then I get to slave for the next 40+ years to make a living and survive. With that said I would like to comment about the things that I've done wrong up to this point and offer a little advice about getting the most out of your 4 years.

  1. First, don't ever overload yourself to the point where academics takes precidence over your life
  2. Don't ever give up things in life in order to be with someone. If people truely love you, they will stand by you no matter what.
  3. Family is the most important thing in life. My uncle told me this once, and over the years I've learned the importance of his advice. People come and go, leaving mainly because things aren't going the way they planned, but in the end your family will always be there for you!
  4. After family comes friends. Choose your friends wisely and stick with them through thick and thin. If they are truely your friends they will do the same for you!

Enjoy the life you have now because the real world will be here before you know it. Don't settle for anything less than what you are worthly of and remember to keep positive reinforcement around whenever possible. Remember why you are here and what you want to accomplish. It's easy to fall in the trap of drinking all the time and blowing off class, but where does this get you in the end? Have fun, but stay focused on your career! Shoot for the moon and never give less than your best to anything in life. Hurt comes from people who do not create a positive influence on your life. Try to avoid these people at all costs. Live for today, and for yourself. You only get one chance to make yourself happy, and that chance is now. We all find obstacles to put in the way of our happiness. Ask yourself, "What am I doing today that will make me happy?" and "If this is all that I accomplish today, will this be enough to satisfy me?" These two powerful questions will lead to a more meaningful me!

posted by Shawn @ SMB College Life @ 2:11 AM  
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