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Friday, November 30, 2007
The end of the semester usually means that professors love to pile the work on college students. It almost seems as though the think we don't have 5 other classes, with 5 other professors, assigning us with 5 other "final projects." It gets hard keeping up with all the projects, homework, and not to mention trying to study for tests.

Sometimes it seems like we don't have enough time in one week to finish all of the things that we need to accomplish as college students. A great example of this is my day today:
I woke up at 9:00 AM this morning, after staying up until 2:AM to finish homework, and ran to campus to work on some homework before my lab class at 11:AM. Time flew and I soon found myself running to my lab class, spending three hours watching water boil, literally, and went to get some expert advice from a professor on 1 of the 3 projects I'm currently juggling. By the way, we never got the water to boil; after 3 hours on a hot plate we could only get it to evaporate a little but could not reach the boiling point!

After my lab I spent an hour with my professor. Leaving his office I looked at my watch to see that it was 3:PM. I had a group meeting in 1 hour for a project and I needed to reference a textbook which I left at my apartment so I ran home, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and ran back to campus.
I thought that my group meeting would only last a few hours but I soon realized that we had so much work to still complete that I would probably be up all night.

We began working on our group project around 4:PM and finally decided to quit around 12:AM. Here's the best part. We all had to stop working on our group project to complete a homework assignment for a different professor, which was due at 9:AM. We hadn't procrastinated with our homework assignment because all of us worked on it all week; it's just that our professor loves to give homework that takes forever to finish. I finally arrived back at my apartment at 2:30AM, after going none stop all day. The best part is, I get to wake up in 5 hours and do the exact same thing tomorrow.

This is normally how the end of the semester is. Sometimes homework assignments don't get done, projects get thrown together at the last minute, and college students quickly become sleep deprived and usually don't eat right. Professors like to blame poor work, bad test grades, and low class attendance on poor planning by college students.

I speak for all the college students reading this now as I reveal the real truth behind all these things: there's physically not enough time in a day, let alone a week to finish all of the things that college professors pile on us towards the end of each semester! Maybe if college students' world wide didn't sleep, didn't eat, and spent no time trying to recover their sanity then maybe, just maybe we could live up to all of our college professors' end of the semesters expectations.

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posted by Shawn @ SMB College Life @ 2:43 AM  
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