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Saturday, December 8, 2007
I haven't been able to post in a few days because things have been so hectic in my college life. I've been skipping sleep to finish homework, lab reports, and different group projects this week so I haven't had time to post, or to update the site with new ideas. This is one of the things that happens towards the end of the semester as work piles on top of normal work and deadlines close in.

I finally got the chance to build some of my ideas and designs into SMB College Life and I'd like to take this time to explain a few new things. First I've received some graphics that allowed me to change the overall appearance of the site, which should fit in perfectly with our everyday college lives. I've made bookmarking and sharing the information and the things you like about SMB College Life on many of the large software platforms running the internet by the click of a button. Our Bookmark and Share button is located at the top right of each page on the SMB College Life site and is located at the bottom left of each post right here on the official SMB College Life Blog.

To use this button simply rest your mouse over it and a drop-down menu will appear that will give you the option to bookmark that page, or share it on sites like iGoogle, Digg, Facebook, and so many more. This will allow you to acquire our information much easier and efficient with the click of a button. You can also help you friends or family by sharing our information with them.

Other exciting updates happened by request from different users pertaining to the expansion of different sections of SMB College Life. We have added new comedians to the Entertainment section by request from several users. We have also changed the About page so that more information pertaining to SMB College Life can be found more easily. There has also been a recent problem with the links and images that we have provided on our Link To Us page. Apparently they were showing up with a highlighted border around them when copied and pasted directly from the site. We have fixed the links so that they will no longer show up with the highlighted border. If you were having problems with these images and links before then try the new code that we have provided and you shouldn't have any problems.

This is the extent of the updates I accomplished tonight. I apologize for not having more time this week to share my thoughts, ideas, and especially my partner deals with you. With it being so close to Christmas I'm getting daily emails on deals and specials which I will be sharing with you here on the blog. I will try to add them as they come so that I can provide you with the information and savings as quickly as possible. Be sure to check back often for coupons, rebates, and other savings for you Christmas shopping this year.

Thanks for using the site!


posted by Shawn @ SMB College Life @ 1:13 AM  
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