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Monday, January 14, 2008
A new semester has finally arrived and now is the time to prepare, organize and stock up on school supplies. It's also time for high school seniors to begin filling out the proper paperwork to make the transition from high school to college. Whether you are in college, a high school senior, or a parent of a student you should always be concerned with financing college and saving money on everyday items that you may need. Fortunately, we not only provide great information about the details of preparing for college, we also provide savings through integrated partnerships to help everyone save money.

If it's school or office supplies that you need you should check out our savings page for different products, sales and coupons offered through
various merchants. Visit for a list of merchants who offer savings on things like ink cartridges, printer paper, notebooks, backpacks and much more through SMB College Life. Below is short list of a few merchants that have current coupons or sale running:
For the full list of merchants please visit the Office Supplies page.

Textbook are another large sem
ester expense...or is it? If you search various resources properly then you will be able to potentially save hundreds on textbooks this semester, and perhaps make a few hundreds on old textbooks. To get the best prices on old textbooks and save hundreds on new textbooks check out SMB's Textbook page which is dedicated to helping students find and sell textbooks. Some people are more comfortable using one source for textbook sales and purchasing, but we have found through experience that it is best practice to expand your horizons to using multiple sources. This yields higher returns on selling textbooks, and higher savings on buying textbooks, but, as our mission statement states; "It's your choice to decide the best products and services."

For parents and high school seniors:
You're probably looking for any information you can find on college planning; particularly college costs, scholarships, college applications and more. You don't need to worry about this anymore as wee cover a lot of the inf
ormation that you will need to make the successful transition from high school to college. Click over to our College Planning section for more information, downloads, and links that will aid your college preparation this year.

As always, if there is anything that you need; any information that we do not provide on the site, more links or more details on certain topics, or guided direction please email and our team will try to answer your questions as quickly as poss

One last thing. Please be sure to check out our college cost calculator which was newly integrated into the site. It is part of our College Cost page, where you will find valuable information and answers to common misconceptions about the costs involved in going to college.

Thanks for using SMB College Life for all your college needs!


posted by Shawn @ SMB College Life @ 12:11 PM  
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