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Thursday, January 3, 2008

We've been working very hard to bring you as much information to our website as possible, in an attempt to satisfy everyone. One of the most recent additions to the site has been our featured music video which will appear on the Entertainment page each week courtesy of AOL Music. This video will be updated weekly and previous videos will be store in an archive which will become our new music video section.

Development has also taken place in our Shopping section as we continue to find new place and things to save you money on. The most sub-sections of our Shopping section is our Office Supplies section where you can find a lot of great coupons, discounts, and saving on school or office supplies this semester.

Recent development has also taken place in our Guys shopping section, where we've been working on clothing savings, sports savings, entertainment savings, and more. Be sure to check out these sections as we will be updating them later today. I previously discussed updating the Guys section as a whole once development was entirely complete but I now believe that this information and savings we have is very important to you guys out there so we will also be uploading our progress later today.

I want to thank you all again for your great support throughout the past few months as development of SMB College Life may not have been as prompt as it could have due to our college course work, final exams, etc. Unlike some developers of great websites we intend to stay in school throughout the development of SMB College Life because we believe education comes first. This decision may slow development at times but we assure you that this will not affect the quality of our site.

We know that our website has become important to many users now as our web rankings have climbed from over 9 million to just above 1 million in the past month alone according to Alexa. We believe this is due to the rapid development that has taken place in the past month and we plan to continue this development while we enjoy winter break. We want our site to be as helpful as possible as we hope to impact a lot more college lives in the spring semester. We also know that high school seniors will be graduating soon so we want to provide as much information as we can to make their college transition as smooth as possible.

Thanks for all your help and continued support of us delivering important information and great savings to college students and thanks for using SMB College Life.


posted by Shawn @ SMB College Life @ 10:56 AM  
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