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PSU Thon 2008
Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not only do we provide a lot of useful information for college students at SMB College Life we also would like to encourage students to get involved in some sort of cause, by volunteering, donating, or making some sort of contribution. There are many organizations that you can get involved with on a collegiate level to help in the greater good of others. To find an organization all you have to do is look around. Almost all colleges and universities have some sort of campus groups or organizations to support different causes. The easiest way to find a cause to support is to look close to home.

From personal experience I was able to find an organization in which I support called Thon. For those who don't know Thon is an organization which helps collect money for children with cancer. The money they collect through various fund raisers and activities goes to helping children with cancer and research and development of a cure for cancer.

In the past year I've been a lot more interested in Thon due to a family member being diagnosed. I'm pretty sure that a lot of universities have Thon and it is a great organization to support so please ask around your university or check out for more information. The Pennsylvania State University will be holding their annual "Dance Marathon" where students, faculty, staff, athletes, and community members gather to show their support in a 48 hour event. Last year Penn State Thon raised over $5,000,000 to donate towards helping children with cancer. The event will be held between February 22-24 so if you are around or near State College Pennsylvania please stop by!

This video shows a student a Berkley who is helping to support Breast Cancer. Her cause was found after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then she has been doing her part to get involved and show her support for the fight against breast cancer.

It's too often that we say we will get involved in something great, or help some great cause, but fall short of acting. We have hopes of one day donating to support a cause but never do. We only have one question:
Why Not Today?

We want to know what is stopping you, or holding you back from getting involved in the fight for a better cause. Maybe you think that you don't have the money, but even donating one dollar will help to find a cure for cancer, or help support any other cause you may have. Don't wait until your family is affected before you decide to get involved. They need you now! Please pass this message onto someone else as a minimal effort to get involved.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for using SMB College Life!


posted by Shawn @ SMB College Life @ 2:52 PM  
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