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PSU Thon 2008
Thursday, January 17, 2008
So to follow up from yesterday's post I want to present the Target Ten Challenge being held by Nittany Nation. What they are trying to do is get 10,000 student to show up for the basketball game, where Penn State will face Ohio State on January 29th. I just found out about this tonight through a Facebook invitation. If you are a member of Facebook you can also check out the group that has been started to get students involved. Check out this link: TARGET TEN CHALLENGE. This is the perfect opportunity to grab a couple of friends to do something new by going to see a basketball game.

The tickets are only $5 dollars and if we get 10,000 students to attend then ALL of the proceeds from the ticket sales will be donated to Thon! That's $50,000 towards helping children with cancer. Guys, honestly, this isn't much to ask at all. The basketball games normally last two hours; I hope this isn't too much time to ask for helping a good cause.

Ok, so maybe you don't have the time to go but if you still by a student ticket it counts! Spending $5.00 for a ticket, which gets donated towards a good cause will probably be the best $5.00 you've ever spent. If you think about it, you could pay one less cover charge at a bar in State College, which goes to the rich bar owner anyway, and that money could be used for the student ticket. It's a great cause and a great opportunity for us, as students, to come together and support something other than ourselves this semester.

You don't even have to be a student to by a ticket that will count towards the Target Ten Challenge. I checked it out earlier today, and you can actually purchase a student ticket through Ticketmaster without a student ID. It's the same price, and it counts towards the 10,000 tickets they are trying to sell. This is the exact page that I used earlier to test this:
Student Tickets to Benefit Thon

I hope you decide to come out, and I hope you decide to bring all of your friends. I know I'll be there, or if I can't make it, I've at least put out the $5.00 that will help children with cancer. Honestly, what better way can you think of to spend $5.00?

Thanks for your support and thanks for using SMB College Life!


posted by Shawn @ SMB College Life @ 11:53 PM  
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