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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Posted by:

The progress of has been amazing and is continuing to grow daily. We plan to intergrate even more functionality into the site to make it more user friendly. Keep and eye out for the following new pages and content:

Ladies section - was up and running for the initial launch of but we have decided to pull it down, for now, and make drastic improvements to it. Eventually it will be an extension of shopping on the site.

Guys Section - was initially functional but has been pulled from the site for improvements. We are working as quickly as we can to get this new section back up for our users. Like the Ladies section, the Guys section will be an extension of shopping on the site.

Coupons - The entire site currently offers links to pages that give our users discounts on purchases, free shipping, and more. We are currently working on a coupons page that will be added to the shopping page and here we will offer special coupon codes for savings on special promotional products. Keep an eye out for this page as it WILL save users a ton of money, sticking with the mission statement of college life.

There is so much more to come so keep checking back with us! We are here to save you money and make you life easier. Please go to out about page to send in any suggestions! On this page you can even fnd links to our page that you can add to you homepage, facebook page, myspace page, and pretty much wherever else you want in order to make the site more accessible for you. Thanks for visiting the site!
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