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Education and Finances by Guest Writer Tisha Kulak
Thursday, February 28, 2008

Education and Finances: Two Top Priorities of a College Student

The first years in college are where the seeds of a financial foundation are planted. While many students can still rely on their parents for financial assistance while still in school, many young adults will take on this responsibility on their own. Some may get a job to support themselves financially during the years of school. Others may find work as a means of socialization and extra spending money.

One common roadblock for a lot of first time college students is a lack of credit starting out. Students who want to become more financially independent of their families or those who are planning early for a life after college, are interested in building their credit the right way.

A good place to start is at the bank. Approach the bank where you currently have an open account and speak to a manager about applying for a credit card or a line of credit. If you find you are not yet eligible for the card, ask about the steps you need to start taking to be in the right position. Once you do qualify for a credit card of your own, take the time to understand everything involved with credit card responsibility. Initially, your credit limit will be low – perhaps a few hundred dollars. As you begin to use the card and all of your bills are paid on time and in full, you will see your credit limit begin to increase. This does not mean you have to spend more. The credit limit increases also raises your levels of responsibility. By continually making on time payments for the require amounts, you are steadily improving your credit history and credit score.

As a college student, you may not yet realize the importance of good credit in the time after college. Without good credit, you may find it difficult, if not impossible, to rent an apartment, buy a car, and in some cases, find a job. If you ruin your credit early in life, it is a good bet you will spend a large portion of your life trying to build it back up again. Students have a lot to focus on during the college years. In addition to education, financial stability ad good credit should be the most important things students should focus on if they wish to remain ahead in the game of life after graduation.

* * * *

Tisha Kulak is a writer for, where she writes about student credit cards and responsible credit card use.

Thanks Tisha for this great article! As college students we must all carefully control or finances so that we do not tarnish our credit history. If we get off to a good start now, we will be able to build a solid credit history that can help us with purchases in the future.


posted by Shawn @ SMB College Life @ 11:36 AM   1 comments
Be My Valentine
Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine's Day is here again. It's time to show that special someone just how much you appreciate them. For most people, Valentine's Day may bring some headaches while trying to figure out how you are going to "one-up" yourself from last year. You can't do the same thing as last year; no that would be too dull. You have to figure out how you can do something better than last year.

Most people buy flowers, candy, chocolate, and teddy bears, while others make dinner reservations and plan elaborate occasions. One of the challenges that we are faced with as college students is how we can make the little money we have stretch into something big enough to show our valentine just how much we love them. How can we spend as little money as possible to awe our significant other? Not having a significant other is the cheapest way to go, but for those who do you have to be creative.

You don't have to spend a fortune to show someone just how much you appreciate them. Try using your talents or skills to make something that shows your valentine just how special he/she is to you. If you are an artist you can make a drawing. A musician can write a song. If you like to read or write use words in a love letter to express your feelings. If you are good at math or science, well, you're probably screwed....just kidding. Use science to come up with the perfect equation that will always equal your significant other. You want to capture the idea that he/she is the only one in your universe but you want to do it in a cost effective way.

The best way to shock and awe is to do the unexpected. Go out of your way to do something that you normally wouldn't do to surprise that special someone.
Newton's Third Law States:
Every action creates and equal and opposite reaction
Use the laws of physics to create a great reaction from your significant other without spending a lot of money this Valentine's Day. After all, they say the best things in life are free! Be creative, think outside of the box, go the extra mile, and your Valentine will know that you truly appreciate them!

Happy Valentine's Day and good luck from SMB College Life!
posted by Shawn @ SMB College Life @ 8:10 PM   0 comments
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