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Monday, March 31, 2008

I've recently moved the SMB College Life blog to my own server. The design has been changed to increase readability. The new blog address is If you've linked to our blog or use our RSS feeds to quickly view new posts please update them to the new address.

New Blog Address:

New RSS Feed location:

Thanks for using SMB College Life!
posted by Shawn @ SMB College Life @ 1:21 AM   2 comments
Student loans affected by economic decline
Monday, March 24, 2008
I couldn't help but use this picture to aid my discussion tonight. We all know that Bush loves oil and continues to get richer everyday from soaring gas prices. He continues to give away billions of dollars to third world countries who don't even want our help so that he can potentially add another zero to his bank account. Meanwhile our own country, the country Bush is supposed to be looking out for first, is in the midst of the biggest economic decline in years. The decline is so bad that many financial institutions are backing out of the student loan sector.

What this means for all of us struggling college students is that we may not be able to finance our continuing education, all because of one man's greed. That $90 billion that was spent in Iraq this year could have gone to helping the next generation become strong enough through education to be able to take on the weight of America. College students are the future of this country and yet we might find ourselves flipping burgers or serving drinks next semester because we could not get the funding to pay tuition.

College students need answers now! I can't sit back watch our country's economy continue to decline while I try to decide whether I should schedule next semester's classes. I need to know that I'll have the funding I need to finish my final year in college. The media states that federal funding will still be available to students who qualify, but what if you don't qualify? Just because my parents aren't living in a cardboard box doesn't mean they have the money to fund my education.

Education is the real future of this country! Not some pointless war in a country who would rather have America mind our own business. If we stayed out of other people's business we might be able to fix the damage to our country now before it gets too late. Hopefully the next president will be able to fix the ruins that Bush intends to leave behind.
posted by Shawn @ SMB College Life @ 12:29 AM   0 comments
Spring Break 08'
Saturday, March 22, 2008
The week back from spring break can be one of the hardest weeks in college life. Harder than the week before and even harder than finals week. The week after spring break we have to leave the place we've grown to love, the place we've had fun in the sun all week, the place were unforgettable memories were made and friendships made stronger, only to come back to our college town and continue on with the grueling semester. I found that this week is so hard for me because I cannot get back into the swing of doing work. Not only have I suffered from jet lag, but I've also been reluctant to begin new assignments or even make it to early morning classes.

These actions and feelings will soon pass as we are faced with more due dates, projects, and tests. For some, spring break can be a reminder of a few important things. It can remind us of exactly where we want to be in life and is a great indicator of why we are working so hard now. If we work hard now to achieve the things we want then we can play hard in the near future. Most people cannot see past the present, but for those who can, let spring break be a reminder of the things you want or the lifestyle you are working so hard to achieve.

Thanks for using SMB College Life.
posted by Shawn @ SMB College Life @ 11:05 AM   0 comments
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