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Friday, November 30, 2007
The end of the semester usually means that professors love to pile the work on college students. It almost seems as though the think we don't have 5 other classes, with 5 other professors, assigning us with 5 other "final projects." It gets hard keeping up with all the projects, homework, and not to mention trying to study for tests.

Sometimes it seems like we don't have enough time in one week to finish all of the things that we need to accomplish as college students. A great example of this is my day today:
I woke up at 9:00 AM this morning, after staying up until 2:AM to finish homework, and ran to campus to work on some homework before my lab class at 11:AM. Time flew and I soon found myself running to my lab class, spending three hours watching water boil, literally, and went to get some expert advice from a professor on 1 of the 3 projects I'm currently juggling. By the way, we never got the water to boil; after 3 hours on a hot plate we could only get it to evaporate a little but could not reach the boiling point!

After my lab I spent an hour with my professor. Leaving his office I looked at my watch to see that it was 3:PM. I had a group meeting in 1 hour for a project and I needed to reference a textbook which I left at my apartment so I ran home, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and ran back to campus.
I thought that my group meeting would only last a few hours but I soon realized that we had so much work to still complete that I would probably be up all night.

We began working on our group project around 4:PM and finally decided to quit around 12:AM. Here's the best part. We all had to stop working on our group project to complete a homework assignment for a different professor, which was due at 9:AM. We hadn't procrastinated with our homework assignment because all of us worked on it all week; it's just that our professor loves to give homework that takes forever to finish. I finally arrived back at my apartment at 2:30AM, after going none stop all day. The best part is, I get to wake up in 5 hours and do the exact same thing tomorrow.

This is normally how the end of the semester is. Sometimes homework assignments don't get done, projects get thrown together at the last minute, and college students quickly become sleep deprived and usually don't eat right. Professors like to blame poor work, bad test grades, and low class attendance on poor planning by college students.

I speak for all the college students reading this now as I reveal the real truth behind all these things: there's physically not enough time in a day, let alone a week to finish all of the things that college professors pile on us towards the end of each semester! Maybe if college students' world wide didn't sleep, didn't eat, and spent no time trying to recover their sanity then maybe, just maybe we could live up to all of our college professors' end of the semesters expectations.

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Christmas savings for college students and parents
Wednesday, November 28, 2007
As the semester quickly comes to an end a new one begins to approach us. More importantly, as this semester ends that means that Christmas is only a few short weeks away. We have tried to make Christmas shopping quick and easy for college students and parents this year by integrating many products, coupons, and savings directly into the site. We know that college students have to stretch their finances at the end of the semester to try and get gifts for their family, so we've tried to find and offer the best deals on the internet to college students this holiday season.

You don't have to fight the crowds at the stores this year because you can shop and save through SMB College Life. By partnering with different companies and retailer we are able to bring you great savings through our site, usually at better prices than your local store, where you could purchase the same item for more. A lot of our partners also offer you free shipping so you don't have to worry about added costs when shopping for great holiday gifts this year.

College students should have their student ID's ready when purchasing from our Apple & iTunes Store because you can receive a student discount on almost any product that you purchase! This also applies to employees of colleges and universities. We have also added our Amazon Store that should help you find a lot of the things you are looking for directly on our site, at some spectacular prices. For all the products we offer please check out our shopping section.

This section is not completely finished, but it's functional enough for you to shop and save on thousands of great products this holiday season. Be sure to check back with our shopping page frequently during the next few weeks as we are determined to add as many great deals and savings as possible to optimize your holiday savings.

Because a new semester is right around the corner you should also check out our textbook page, where we promise that you will save money on purchasing textbooks for next semester AND you can receive the most money for selling back your old textbooks. By partnering with companies like
Phat Campus ,, and many more we can essential broaden the college students' horizon in the textbook exchange without being bias. We have found some great resources that you've probably never heard of, but that offer more textbooks and cheaper prices than the campus bookstores!

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New Blog Interface
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Since our introduction of RSS Feeds to both SMB College Life and the SMB College Life Blog (yes, there are two different feeds!) we have decided to drastically change the interface of the SMB College Life Blog in order to make college life easier for everyone to follow. We have added a lot of great stuff to the new blog and we believe that the new changes will make it a lot easier to read. Through our blog feed you will receive all new blog posts as they are published, making you the first to know about new and exciting information that we have to offer college students and their parents. Another new addition to the SMB College Life Blog is the option to join our VIP list. Through this list you will receive e-mail notifications of new publications to the site as they arrive. This means that you will never miss out on a publication which provided the most recent information about college life, scholarships, student loans, financial aid, student savings and so much more. This is another addition that we hope you can utilize to your advantage, making your college life as easy and stress free as possible.

As I mentioned before there are two similar, but different, feeds that you can receive. The second RSS Feed that you can receive is our SMB College Life RSS feeds, which are different from our Blog RSS Feeds. Our SMB College Life RSS Feeds are mainly used for the website to offer you with brief information about new pages, new site functionality, and overall site structure. The website RSS Feeds will be updated less frequently that the Blog RSS Feeds because we although we make daily changes to the site, we do not make completely new site pages or change the whole site structure on a daily basis. The website RSS Feeds will be mainly used to inform you of the overall site structure.

With both of our site feeds now explained we believe it is a good idea to subscribe to both feeds so that you will have the most recent information about the site structure and the site content as soon, or shortly after changes are made or new information is available. If you do not want to subscribe to both feeds then we suggest at least subscribing to the Blog feed so that you are at least kept up-to-date on new information as we receive it and publish it.

Be sure to look for our new grants, scholarship, and student loan pages that we plan to have fully functional in the next few days. These pages will provide you with very useful information that you can use to plan and succeed in your college efforts this year. We know that college application deadlines are approaching fast, and we believe that we have provided enough information for you to be able to apply to college. You will need to worry about the financial part of college after March of 2008, when you should be notified of whether or not you have been accepted. This is only if you have applied early or on time and only applies to some colleges; late applicants may have to wait until July of 2008 until they receive acceptance notification.

While you are waiting to receive your college acceptance notification you should be searching for scholarships. This was very hard a few years ago but now is quite simple, if you know where to go! You are fortunate for choosing SMB College Life as your place to come for college life information because we provide you with the information and resources that you need to succeed in college. We have listed a few places below where you can sign up for FREE and conduct a FREE online scholarship search.

It's a good idea to sign up with at least two of these resources because you will increase your chances of receiving scholarships. Different resources offer different scholarships so you will receive more opportunities to receive scholarships from two or more of the resources provided. We hope that this scholarship information will help you to take the next step towards a successful college life! Thanks for visiting!

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RSS Feeds
Monday, November 26, 2007
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We are proud to present to all our users today SMB College Life RSS Feeds, which have need newly integrated. We worked hard to get this up and running but what it means is that our information has now become more easily accessible by our users. Why is this important? In an effort to keep you up-to-date on the most recent college life information we search the internet on a daily basis and provide you with the best resources for you to use to make your college life eaasier. We also have many pages, filled with pertinent information, that are still under construction. We are working our hardest to provide to you with the pages in a timely fashion because we know that most of our users are getting ready to apply for college in January. This is a time concern to us and we have very strict deadlines for providing you with the best information about college life, available at

With SMB College Life RSS Feeds allow use to easily keep you up to date on new pages as they come, new and useful information as we receive it, and new resources to provide you with all the help you need for a successful college life. Best of all, SMB College Life RSS Feed Subscriptions are free and very easy to use. Simply click on our RSS Feed link at the bottom of each page and you will automatically be directed to the subscription confirmation page. Here you can choose your preferred subscription reader and view all of our feeds, from newest to oldest post.

We hope that this helps you in making your college life much easier, and that we can keep you better informed on new and important information on scholarships, financial aid, college searches and more. Thanks for using!


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Scholarship Page
Sunday, November 25, 2007
Sorry about not posting for a few days. I've been enjoying the holiday with family and close friends. I also received some bad news about a close family member's health so I've been spending as much time with them as I could. Now that I am back home I'm hoping to continue that posts as before. I have received a comment on a previous post about the scholarship page being down. I'm very sorry about this and am currently waiting to hear back from scholarship experts to validate all of my information and offer the best searches on the internet. My goal is to provide all of my users with at least one scholarship to help them pay for college. This may seem like an unreachable goal, but I believe it is very reasonable and this is the main reason why I have created

With that said there are a lot of "so called" experts on the internet that promise scholarships and never deliver. I'm currently screening as many of these scholarship resources as possible to select THE BEST scholarship searches on the internet to provide to you. I hope that you will be patient with me as I intend to provide only quality information and resources. My goal is to help as many students as possible, because no one was there to help me. You can read more on the goals of SMB College Life by clicking here. You can also read my college story by clicking here. These two pages will give you the reason why I am very selective with the information and resources that provides.

Thanks for utilizing!


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SMB College Life expansion
Monday, November 12, 2007

One of our main goals at SMB College Life is providing important information to our viewers which will make their life easier and help them to save money. SMB College Life searches as many resources as possible to find our users the most complete and pertinent information that we possibly can. We have changed our interface since last week in order to make navigation easier for our users, and now we are currently working behind the scenes to collect and process as much information as we possibly can about different aspects of college life including but not limited to; searching for colleges, financial aid, common misconceptions, scholarships, student loans, and much more. We are pushing to have SMB College Life as FULLY functional as possible by December 1st so that you can get maximum use from our website and no longer wait for pages that read "coming soon." We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may be currently causing you, and we PROMISE to deliver that most important information that we possibly can provide in order to make your life easier by; saving you money through products, services, and useful information about paying for college, useful information and resources about searching and applying to college, and offering comparisons through which you are able to decide the best choice for yourself. Thank you for your support through this transition stage and we PROMISE that SMB College Life will be worth the wait!
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SMB College Life
Monday, November 5, 2007
SMB College Life is dedicated to making you life easier and less stressful by saving you a lot of time and money. One of the things that we decided to do this weekend to accomplish just that is we worked long hours and got little sleep to due a site wide renovation, making the user interface of SMB College Life more friendly for you. Now you can quickly navigate around the site quicker and easier than before. The SMB College Life staff has also added a lot of new content that we think you will enjoy. As a special thanks to all of our users we have added a "FREE STUFF" page which contains lots "FREE STUFF" for you to enjoy. We spent a lot of time searching the internet in order to bring these things directly to you through SMB College Life, as a special thanks for using our site. Everything found on this page is absolutely free; including downloads, applications, web services and more! We aim to greatly expand upon this page, adding new "FREE STUFF" as we find it so be sure to check back frequently! To get to this page please look for the link, guarded by the spider, on the right hand side of the SMB College Life homepage. Please use the links provided on this page to find out more information about the things we offer through our third party links.

Another exciting addition to SMB College Life, integrated this weekend, is our entertainment page. On this page you can view movie previews and trailers, and watch comic videos from YouTube. Check out functionality of the SMB College Life entertainment page and check back frequently to see updates. We have so many things that still need to be added.....
Thanks all for using the site!


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College Life
Thursday, November 1, 2007

We are proud to introduce the new store located at We have been working hard all week to develop it and have finally been able it integrate it into College Life. You now have the opportunity to purchase cellphone service, books, electronics and more directly on our site. We promised we'd make things easier for you and here's one of the many ways College Life plans on making your life easier. The best part about our new store is that you can benefit from the many sale prices, coupons, discounts and more. Because we now offer things like cellphone service directly on College Life, you no longer need to waste time shopping different stores at your local mall for the best deals. Did we forget to mention that you can sign up for service today and receive great new phones like the Blackberry Pearl.....FOR $0.01!! Don't forget to inquire about student discounts with your new service plan! Most college students don't know that their university may have a deal with the service provider that could save you 5, 10, up 20% or more per month, just by telling them you are a college student! "Boom!" (as Ari from Entourage would say!) Just another way that College Life helps you save!


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